The Skrapan 3D Street Art Easily Conquers Your Fear of Heights

 - Oct 9, 2012
References: erikjohanssonphoto &
The Skrapan 3D street art illusion was created by Erik Johansson for the 5th anniversary of the Swedish shopping gallery.

Johansson is a quirky optical illusionist known for his mind-boggling inventions. To really raise the bar for his art portfolio, he painted a scene on the sidewalk of Stockholm showcasing the height of the Skrapan building, which is one of the tallest buildings in the city. The illusion includes a painted plank that viewers stand on -- from a certain angle it appears as if they are looking down from the top of the 85-meter building and into the busy Stockholm street.

If you didn't know any better, you would swear that the Skrapan 3D street art is not an optical illusion. The main thing that assures you that it isn't is the view of the real building directly in front of you.