- Aug 28, 2014
Whether playing with one's perception or prompting our worst fears, these vertigo-inducing design finds aim to make a strong visual and emotional impact on one's psyche.

From illusionary daredevil photography to cliff-side architecture examples, these diverse design finds are sure to make one's head spin.

While Op Art has been altering the perceptions of countless generations throughout history, daredevil culture has aimed to make art a reality while inducing some of society's most terrifying fears. Whether you're afraid of heights or light-headed at the sight of spinning and hypnotic imagery, you're sure to remember these captivating, shocking and often vertigo-inducing design examples.

A standout from this list is Nils Eisfeld's 'Stairs' image series that captures various spiral staircases. The photographer's portraits are beautiful and hypnotic, instantly leading one's eye down an imaginary and whimsical rabbit hole.

From Overhead Urban Photography to Optical Illusion Art Works: