The Vertebrae Staircase is Built of Twisting Modular Backbone Segments

 - Jan 9, 2013
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Architects and engineers have learned a great deal about stability of structure from the anatomies of living things. The Vertebrae Staircase was specifically inspired by the spinal column of a massive whale; however, the idea behind its construction is more fundamental than that.

Looking at the wonderful forms of individual vertebra, Andrew Lee McConnell conceived a perfect module. It was tweaked slightly so that it would best facilitate the shaping of the desired spiral staircase. The intricate loosely L-shaped segments can be connected side-by-side to make up the safety railing, the stepping treads and the continuous helical rachis that holds the entire sculpture together.

The ebony-finished Vertebrae Staircase would make a practical and aesthetically enthralling addition to any interior space. It can transform the inside of your home into something as grand as a museum or a gallery.