From Pencil-Shaped Household Items to Notebook-Inspired Foods

 - Jul 20, 2013
These non-stationery items mimic school supply designs, infusing a bit of classroom nostalgia across various industries. Products like pencil-shaped cheeses to stationery-charmed jewelry prove that pencils, notebooks and erasers are inspirational for creators in other industries.

Many electronics have incorporated scholarly style. A gadget screen wiper by Japanese company Tent1000 looks identical to a chalkboard brush. The Pencil Touch Screen Stylus by SuckUK is shaped, colored and detailed to look like a wooden pencil. Now this isn't too far-fetched, since both pencils and styluses are long-stemmed and pointed. But what about household items like salt and pepper shakers? The Signature Dish Grinder set resembles jumbo pencil ends. Bringing school supplies into your kitchen may seem like a peculiar idea, but these shakers are cute and carefree.