These Back-to-School Marshmallow Pops Give Kids Reasons to Smile

Going back to school at the end of the summer can be a gloomy time for many children, but these adorable Back-to-School Marshmallow Pops will certainly help ease the burden. These creative creations are made using plain marshmallows and edible writers in a variety of playful colors.

These Back-to-School Marshmallow Pops were recently featured on food blog The Decorated Cookie. She created these charming confections for her young daughter who was heading back to the classroom, decorating all the essential back-to-school objects including a yellow school bus, an apple, pencils and crayons. These marshmallow treats are certainly an amusing distraction from the summer coming to an end.

Implications - Going back to school can be a burdensome experience for not only children and teens, but for parents as well. Businesses that create products aimed to offer relief will likely benefit by appealing a large proportion of society today.