- Sep 9, 2015
These dessert dishes are made for avid gamers. Whether a fan of retro games like Tetris or pop culture classics like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, these gamer confections are sure to inspire players to score just as high in baking as they do in gaming.

Pac-Man truffles are sure to trigger some gaming nostalgia as much as Sugar and Cloth's Tetris cookies. These tasty desserts bring back retro gaming memories, while Stephen Rushbrook's PS4 cupcakes and Xbox controller cake pops are for the faithfully modern gamers.

These dessert dishes also include a variety of Angry Birds confections for the fans of the popular gaming app. Dotatdabbled's Angry Birds cupcakes and Scrumptious Delight's moody avian cookies display each iconic Angry Bird character for a dessert that is more tasty than miserable.

From Anime Monster Cookies to Retro Game Cakes: