The Nintendo Inspired '1-Up Ring Pops' are Clever and Cute

 - May 14, 2013
References: instructables & instructables
Creative candy lovers with a fondness for classic video games will want to try these ‘DIY 1-Up Ring Pops.’ This Nintendo-style treat was created by Sherry, an Instructables member/imaginative stay-at-home mom. Her son had an abundance of dollar store plastic rings and rather than tossing them away, she turned them into a video game-themed sweet.

The Air Head ‘Mystery’ flavor taffy is molded onto the plastic rings to create the mushroom-head shape for these delectable gamer treats. To create these cute ring pops, one would need sugar, corn syrup, Kool-Aid, taffy, chocolate sprinkles and some plastic rings. While these treats aren't low in calories, they are high in creativity. The 'DIY 1-Up Ring Pops' would make a great snack for kids birthday parties. Nintendo and candy fans will love these sugary sweets.