From Customized Chocolate Wrappers to Personalized Donut Treats

 - May 22, 2015
These custom dessert innovations range from personalized chocolate wrappers to cookie kits that are adorned with your favorite Instagram imagery. As the millennial demographic's desire for customization continues to evolve, brands are recognizing the importance of appealing to these needs.

In addition to customized candy kits from major confection brands like M&Ms; -- the company's latest MY M&Ms; service offers personalized treats for a multitude of occasions and memorable milestones -- this list also zones in on custom spread packaging by fan favorite Nutella. The brand's recent marketing strategy involved personalized nutella jars that followed in the footsteps of Coca Cola's custom can campaign.

Other custom dessert standouts include California Donuts' customized alphabet treats that are a favorite among event planners with an appreciation for personalized details.