'The Marshmallowist' Makes Luxury Marshmallows in Unique Flavors

'The Marshmallowist' started as a humble project for a gourmet pastry chef, but has since grown to be a well-known European delicacy. The gourmet marshmallow retailer travels across Europe selling its products at festivals, departments stores like Selfridges and makes orders for weddings and large-scale events.

The gourmet marshmallows come in a variety of flavors, including raspberry & champagne, basil & strawberry and blueberry & gin. The Marshmallowist uses fresh market fruits, organic herbs and boutique alcohol as the main ingredients of for its souffle sweets. For autumn and Halloween, a new spiced pumpkin and maple sugar seed flavor has been made available.

Customers are also open to suggesting bespoke flavors, allowing The Marshmallowist to experiment. All of the luxury marshmallow products are sold within custom boxes wrapped with a ribbon.