Cheryl's Selection of Greetings Are Truly Good Enough to Eat

 - Feb 13, 2015
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Anyone might send a card, but to create a more personalized and memorable experience for your recipient, consider sending them a cookie card. The standard price for a Hallmark greeting card is around $5 right now, which is the same as you'd be paying for a heartwarming message that you can actually eat––and it's delivered for you as well.

Cheryl's has a buffet of baked choices with occasion-specific packaging. Whether you're searching for an alternative to a birthday card or for something sweeter than romantic note, look no further than these little decorated boxes. "Thinking of you," "Thank you," and "It's a girl!" are some of the what you'll find to suit any situation. Inside, a sweet biscuity treat has been made to match the cutesy branding.