From Viral Rapper Valentines to Sneaker-Themed Romance Cards

 - Feb 13, 2016
These offbeat Valentine's Day greeting cards reflect a consumer desire to express sentimentality by sharing messages that are more humorous than heartwarming.

In an age where Millennials identify with pop culture icons and communicate with emojis, it's no surprise that these elements are popular themes in paper greeting cards. Great examples of this include a card design by illustrator Emily McDowell, which plays off of autocorrect's tendency to change messages, as well as HollabackCards' 'You're the Kim to my Kanye' card.

For those who prefer to send gifts that absolutely won't go unnoticed, there's the DIY romantic card gift box from Anna Trympali, as well as an assortment of cookie cards from Cheryl's that pair a sweet message with a flavorful snack.