This Pop Culture Valentine's Day Card References a Comedic Classic

 - Jan 27, 2015
References: etsy & shop.nylon
This pop culture Valentine's Day card by Etsy store Perks of Aurora is sure to delight Step Brothers' fans.

It's hard to believe, but the funny flick about two middle-aged deadbeats who become roommates after their parents marry was released in 2008. Still, no matter how many years go by, who could forget that infamous scene between Alice and Dale? Let me jog your memory: she tells him, "I wanna roll you up in a little ball and shove you up my vagina." She them offers him free room and board, saying "You could just live there, it's warm and cozy!" Now, that's love.

Word to the wise: don't give anyone this card unless you're absolutely sure that they've seen the film. Otherwise, your hilarious pop culture reference will be lost, and some weirdness may arise.