These Crudely Drawn Love Letters Show You Care in an Unartistic Way

 - Feb 9, 2015
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Why draw a crappy Valentine's Day card yourself when you can pay Crudely Drawn Love Letters to do it for you? The company specializes in custom, semi-professional love notes that are guaranteed to be entertaining. They may also make you feel better about your own artistic abilities, although that's not guaranteed.

Crudely Drawn Love Letters does a little more than draw a bad picture on a piece of computer paper; each custom note is drawn on water and fade-resistant paper with non-toxic markers and they're each shipped in a fancy red envelope. The company guarantees that each card is original, so you can rest easy knowing that your sweetheart's snail or basketball card isn't hanging on somebody else's fridge. Each note costs $6.99 and the service is live and ready for Valentine's Day.