From Child Coding Playsets to Toy-Creating Kiosks

 - Mar 28, 2015
Education is a huge focus when it comes to this collection of March 2015 youth trends. Although the element of play is undeniable, businesses and brands are looking for ways to bring more substance to toys and other child-centered pastimes that will not only resonate with parents and guardians, but also foster lasting benefits throughout children's formative years well into adulthood.

Not to mention that a clear separation from gender-specific products are being explored more and more. Some of these products are heavily featured in this collection of March 2015 youth trends. Interestingly, they bend gender expectation in surprising ways. For instance, femininity is brought to remote-controlled cars -- a toy more often associated with boys. Yet one of the stand out products is a connected Barbie, which is capable of holding an organic conversation with people.