Pocket Rug Lets You Stash Toys and Create Unique Settings for Games

 - Feb 12, 2015
References: red-dot.sg
The creators of this pocket rug suggest that a carpet shouldn't be something that you simply play on, but rather a surface that you can play in. The recipient of an honorable mention at the 2014 Red Dot Design Awards, this dynamic floor covering affords a fun way to organize toys and to set up an elaborate interior landscape that can enhance the experience of playtime.

A team of designers from Huaqiao University's design and engineering programs has devised a rectangular area rug that's lined with three rows of five slits. These lengthy openings can be pulled up like flaps, enabling children to slip things inside. The most functional aspect of the Gap Carpet, however, is the possibility of pushing pillows and cushions through. This greatly enhances the comfort of kids who would otherwise be seated on harder surfaces.