Angry Birds Cupcakes by Dotatdabbled are an Ode to the Addicting Game

 - Jul 1, 2011
References: instructables & instructables
The Angry Birds franchise strikes again with these Angry Birds Cupcakes by DotatDabbled. These sweet creations play up the familiar avian faces of the characters from the addicting Angry Birds game. If you find yourself looking for a nice bonding activity between parent and child, then this recipe might just be the answer. While the process may be time consuming, the results are adorable and certainly look tasty.

Using marshmallow fondant and the cake flavor of your choosing, these Angry Birds Cupcakes can give users a lot of room for play. The color possibilities and avian designs will provide endless fun for bakers who love this addicting game.

Implications - References to popular culture phenomenons -- like this ode to the Angry Birds game -- is a great way for businesses to jump abord ship to some of the most infectious movements of the moment.