From Fierce Avian Fingertips to Raging Avian Slippers

 - Aug 24, 2013
For people who became addicted to the game involving birds and pigs, sporting Angry Birds apparel is the only way to show you've become a true gamer.

While the game doesn't involve crazy thrills, and just features birds harming mean pigs in a fun way, it still became one of the most-played games among kids and adults alike.

While new games like Candy Crush have entered the picture, there's something about the cute avian creatures that will remain in people's hearts. If you want to show support for these creatures, yet don't want everyone to know you've crossed over to the gamer's side, consider wearing a hilariously designed bra that features a pig on one cup and a bird on the other.

However, for the people who want the world to know their obsession, giant Angry Birds hats and swimsuits will definitely do the trick.