Candy Crush Candies has Brought a Favorite Game to a Tasty Reality

Candy Crush candies are a delicious teeth-rotting treat for people who spend hours glued to their computers or smartphones playing the addicting Candy Crush Saga game.

This puzzle game has people matching up candy trying to win points, and there seems to be an endless amount of levels to keep players in the game. If you get hungry every time you play, you can now munch on the sweets inspired by the game for a true Candy Crush experience.

To be desirable to a variety of preferences, there are four candy flavors for gamers and candy enthusiasts to choose from. If you're a fan of chocolate, chocolate color bombs with rainbow sprinkles will be your favorite. For gummy-loving fans, there are jelly fish ones, mixed fruit ones and sour fruit ones to appease your cravings.

The colorful packaging will definitely grab your kid's attention, so be prepared to have a house full of Candy Crush, online and off.