These Video Game Snacks are Inspired by a Time-Tested Favorite

 - Jul 18, 2013
References: kitchenoverlord & walyou
These video game snacks are perfect for when you need a little boost. Inspired by the classic '1-up' mushrooms from every Super Mario Bros game to date, these puff pastries are 8-bit-themed and bite-sized. Chris-Rachael Oseland of created the 1-up Mushroom Pizza Roll Recipe. Ingredients include marinara, pepperoni, cheese and mushrooms (of course). Basil pesto is used to garnish the tops and add an appropriate green hue. Edible ball bearings make up the small, beady eyes of the Mushroom Kingdom citizens.

While it's unlikely these gamer-themed geek treats will bestow you with additional lives in real life, at least the playful pastries will be filling. These video game snacks would be a great thing to have on hand for a gathering of gaming friends, or just for fun at home.