The Pac-Man Cheesecake Lets You Sneak a Slice Without Notice

The Pac-Man Cheesecake is such an ingenious way to get first dibs on a dessert, I’m sad I didn’t think of it myself.

If you’re one of those people who can’t wait to dig into freshly baked cookies or strawberry shortcake, this idea is perfect for you. Cream cheese is such a versatile ingredient, which makes it easy to mix with other flavors like strawberries, pumpkin, chocolate and other delicious savory sweets you prefer. After mixing some flavor extract or pulp of what you desire into a basic cream cheese recipe—available on the box of any cream cheese package—bake and slice up a generous piece for yourself. This will become the chomping mouth of the video game classic, Pac-Man. This cute Pac-Man cheesecake is a fun teaser and great for holidays with family and kids like Thanksgiving and Christmas.