Kirei Towel Packaging Channels Cleanliness for Creative Merchandizing

 - Sep 5, 2012
References: & packagingoftheworld
It's common to see face washers without any sort of wrapping, more often they simply sport a tag or two and an overhead sign. Kirei Towel packaging doesn't just suggest a fresh strategy for protecting unsold linens but it goes further to invest imagination in the visual identity of these goods.

Hannah Jor won the Best of International Visual Communications award because of the clever creativity expressed in her project. She began with this notion that towels and cloths are associated with cleanliness and she extrapolated conceptually to come up with a captivating graphic scheme.

Dwelling on the tools of her own trade, the designer crafted boxes into large stubby pencil shapes. Kirei Towel packaging exposes the fabrics as erasers, as implements that wipe errors clean.