Jimmy Chin is an Extremely Adventurous Climber & a Great Photographer

 - Aug 1, 2011
References: jimmychin & mymodernmet
Being an acclaimed nature photographer simply isn't enough for adventure seeker Jimmy Chin. Beyond his astounding photographic talent, this traveler, skier, explorer, climber and lover of life lives for thrills. In fact, Jimmy Chin was recently recognized as an 'Emerging Explorer' by the famed publication National Geographic.

Jimmy Chin spends an average of 200 days a year on these thrill seeking journeys to places like Pakistan, Tibet, Mount Everest and the Himalayas. Part of the special nature of Jimmy Chin's amazing photography is his ability to capture some of the highest heights and most drastic cliffside angles, which only an extreme adventurist would dare to defy.

Implications - A business's ability to combine their employees passions in life with their careers can help the business overall to produce products that truly exude emotion. The kind of fiery passion that each of Jimmy Chin's captures posses could only come from a photographer who truly lives for the thrill of life.