The Vertigo LCD Watch Eschews Numbers and Hands in Favor of Spirals

 - Feb 4, 2013
References: & tuvie
The Vertigo LCD watch is a conceptual timekeeper designed for Tokyoflash. For those who don't know, Tokyoflash is a Japanese company that specializes in deceptively difficult to read watches. This particular concept was designed by Scheffer Laszlo. In true Tokyoflash fashion the watch's face features no numbers, instead using spirals to tell the time.

At first glance it appears almost impossible to tell time using the Vertigo LCD watch. However, the watch is really easy to read once you've cracked its code. Hours are indicated by the large rings on the outer rim of the face. The minutes are the medium-sized rings and minutes one through five are the smaller rings in the face's center. The Vertigo LCD watch is just a concept, but Tokyoflash is known for turning fan concepts into reality. Fans of funky watches might want to keep an eye on Scheffer's concept.