Trap Doors That Lead to a Bounty of Vino Are Perfect for Small Spaces

 - Jan 25, 2009
References: spiralcellars & thekitchn
A trap door in your kitchen floor that leads down a spiral staircase to a treasure of 1,600 bottles of wine is not just a dream. Spiral wine cellars are an ingenious way to store large collections of wine in a relatively small space.

After a unit is purchased, a team of professionals comes to your home to dig out the required hole for your own private storage vault to be installed. Then the cellar is delivered and placed deep beneath your feet. Top it off with your choice of trap door, wood or glass, and your secret vino crypt is ready to go.

No power is required to maintain the proper temperate, as insulation is provided by the surrounding soil and the system has a clever way to use air circulation to cool the air to an optimum 55°.

In the U.S. a spiral wine cellar will run you at least $30,000, so you'd better be a real wine lover.