In Honor of the passing of Ferdinand Alexander Porsche

 - Apr 11, 2012
When one thinks of Vale Ferdinand Porsche, a sleek, sophisticated design aesthetic comes to mind, and the plethora of opulent Porsche innovations that have hit the market are no exception to the late legend's style.

The luxury sports car designer recently passed, leaving behind a tradition of opulence, class and status that will be hard to match. Most notably associated with the design of the infamous Porsche 911 in 1963, he studied design throughout his adolescence and eventually took over the Porsche Design Studio in 1962.

While specializing in the crafting of envy-inducing automobiles, the car company has also expanded into the realm of technology with its watch and cell phone collaborations and clothing mash-ups with sportswear line Adidas.

The company will undoubtedly miss the hand of its head designer, but with products such as luxury yachts and fragrances rolling out, his unique design style will live on.