The Porsche 929 Takes Car Sharing to a Luxurious Level

 - Jul 26, 2011
References: yankodesign
The Porsche 929 is a new concept car from designer Julliana Cho that injects a little kickass into car-sharing. The Porsche 929 is a four-seat all-electric Porsche that drivers can customize online and pickup at specific drop points located around their city.

The customizable aspects of the Porsche 929 range from giant details such as the exterior color of the car and the interior setup to the to the minute ones such as the color of the trim on the car's seats and dash. All of these details would be fed into a mini-Porsche factory of sorts, which would assemble your car for you and then disassemble it when you drop it off.

As much as I like the ideas behind the Porsche 929, it seems a little bit on the impossible side, at least with the technology that exists today. Still, I am loving the idea of making car-sharing more personal and luxurious. There is only so many times you can drive around the same hatchback before you start to long for something more.