The ENCO Gladiator 700GT Biturbo Announces Its 690 Horsepower to the World

 - Oct 11, 2009
References: jalopnik
Let's make no bones about it: The ENCO Gladiator 700GT Biturbo is a luxury sport SUV with 690 horsepower, and it's anything but subtle. With giant 23" wheels, enormous fender flares, carbon fiber Porsche 911 GT3 seats, and a front end that screams, "Look at me!" What other SUVs have you heard of that have a roll cage in them? (And a red one, at that!)

Okay, so maybe the ENCO Gladiator 700GT Biturbo won't blend in at the parking lot for the PTA meeting, but this SSUV can get a move on when you're running behind and Johnny and Susie will be late to school. Check out even more images and a press release at Jalopnik.