From Race-Ready EVs to Modern Mobster Automobiles

 - Jul 23, 2012
The range of seductive sports cars on the market today is unparalleled -- be they inspired by sci-fi movie car concepts or just pushed by the growing population of race-car junkies, there seem to be many a Batmobile item on the streets today.

The selection of gas-guzzling race cars is expanding amidst environmental pressure on traditional car companies to make greener manufacturing efforts. This is reason for the emergence of models like the 'Fiery Eco Supercar' or 'Enviro-Conscious Roadster' or even the Neon 'Carbon-Zero Roadster.' Even the ranks of the fast and furious automobile industry have been infiltrated by concerns for Planet Earth.

Nobody is exempt to the pressures of scientists and social activists, which is a widely different climate from just a decade ago, when the prospect of 'Climate Change' and 'Global Warming' were still only speculations.