Racetalk 39x Brings Speed To The Masses via the Web

If you’ve ever been to a professional or amateur drag race, you know first hand how exciting it can be. The roar of the engines, the sound of the crowd as they yell for their favorite racing car to tear down the track faster than the speed of sound.

Unfortunately, not all race aficionados have access to a raceway or track, and have to make due with what they read in books. Although it is hard to copy the feel of being at a real life race, RaceTalk39X does a great job of bringing the thrill of the race to the listener at home.

Hosted by Big Don each Thursday, RaceTalk39X is able to provide racing fans from all over the world the ability to listen in on some of the hottest races held at the Dallas Motor Speedway. Being the third largest show on U-Stream (not too far behind The Kid Kraddack show which is ranked at number one), RaceTalk39X works hard to provide a fun and entertaining show each week.

Working hard to be a trend setter, Big Don has taken his broadcast to several different locations, including Cutie Pies in Grapevine, TX. If you’re a racing fan, or just curious about race cars, be sure to check out RaceTalk39X on U-Stream!