The Bugster has a Beetle Body and a Porsche Engine

 - Apr 6, 2011
References: & autoblog
Siegfried Rudolf is an Austrain car modder who has combined the engine of a Porsche with the body of a VW Beetle to create the Bugster, a 270-horsepower, 1973 Beetle.

Rudolf was inspired to create the Bugster after noticing that his wife's 2000 Porsche Boxster and his 1973 Beetle had similar-sized wheelbases. Using his knowledge as head of Carmaxx, an Austrain Porsche and VW customization and restoration company, Rudolf got to work constructing the Bugster.

The end result is a badass ride with the body of a bug and the heart and soul of a Porsche. Despite its bug body the car maintains some uniquely Porsche features like its 18-inch wheels and beastly-looking side vents. Whoever said bugs were for girls only?