- Jul 4, 2013
Changing up your vehicle to make room for your family doesn't necessarily have to mean downgrading to a lesser model, and these fantastic family cars are illustrating just how luxurious and visually striking family-friendly automobiles can be.

While most people think of large and unappealing vans when someone mentions a family car, these sleek and stylish examples are showcasing that making room for your loved ones doesn't have to mean sacrificing style or visual aesthetic. Even though sports cars and convertibles may not be the most practical way to drive little ones to soccer practice, it doesn't mean that your spacious Sedan can't have that sleek supercar appeal.

From juiced-up luxury hatchbacks to sleek five-door Sedans, these stylish family cars will certainly make any potential car buyer feel much more confident and pleased about driving these family-friendly vehicles.

From Family-Friendly Sports Cars to Luxury Hybrid Family Cars: