Cheesy Ads For Laid Back Marketing

 - Nov 9, 2007
References: jalopnik
In marketing the new Escape hybrids, Ford has played down the hype. While most auto manufacturers are showing out-of-control enthusiasm in marketing new hybrids, Ford took the opposite approach in their latest ads for the new SUV hybrid.

In the latest ad, a young girl asks her dad to drop her off a few blocks from where she's supposed to meet her tree-hugging friends who ride bikes or have parents that drive hybrids. The dad breaks the news that their Escape is a hybrid too. That clip can only be seen here.

Another commercial, I'm not even sure if I can take seriously... but I'm hoping it's a legit commercial. A family is watching deer from the Escape hybrid, silently and serenely in the forest. The deer take no notice of the car because it is "so quiet." They don't look up until one the passengers struggles to suppress a little flatulence... the deer looks up, gets a whiff of the incident, and then they're off.

The last clip connects with those wanting to "find themselves." They're all very cheesy, but a different approach to marketing.