- Jun 26, 2013
People who are particularly proud of their initials and people who want to personalize every aspect of their lives will appreciate these fancy monogrammed accessories. Personalizing everything you have may seem like a daunting task, so instead, you can just start collecting things that are already engraved. Collecting monogrammed accessories is one way to make sure people know what belongs to you as well as knowing you take your name very seriously.

Monogrammed accessories are popular at weddings and graduations but they are becoming more accessible in everyday life. People are sticking their names on everything from luxury designer golf bags to monogrammed weatherproof boots. At special events, people are engraving their names onto party favors and edibles. If you're looking for a classy alternative to walking around with your name embroidered on a sweater, try starting small with a leather wallet or key chain.

From Personalized Steak Branding to Monogram Denim Purses: