This Customized Cup Allows you to Enjoy a Shot and Chaser in Style

 - May 14, 2013
References: greatgiftsformen
These Jager bomb glasses are customized and monogrammed. This is a drink that isn't usually considered to be the highest class, but the Jager bomb glass is out to change that. With ingenuity, these shot glasses let you drink your shot and chaser in one easy step.

These glasses are specially designed so the alcohol and mix stays separated until you tip it back. The monogramed Jager bomb glasses are perfect for Jager Bombs, whiskey and coke, vodka and Sprite or any other shot that calls for a harsh beginning and a smooth end.

The shot glass portion at the top holds 2 ounces and the bottom mix portion holds 4 ounces of your favorite chaser. These glasses come in sets of two with a monogrammed initial customized to your preference.