From Monogrammed Couture Kicks to Lifelike Paper Doll Art Works

 - Aug 29, 2014
Make any occasion that much more special with this list of personalized gift ideas. From monogrammed sneaker couture to felt figurines that are an exact replica of one's face, these customized finds are guaranteed to impress.

Standouts from this list of personalized gift ideas include Esty's wide range of unique items for mom, dad and the whole family. In addition to Etsy's artisan community, larger brands are also embracing the beauty of personalized branding and are enhancing the experience of their loyal consumer base.

Two iconic brands that are experimenting with the idea are Prada and Oreo. While Prada gained praise for their bespoke shoe shop concept, Oreo has allowed cookie fans to create their own custom desserts using 3D-printing technology.