From Continually Spiraling Staircases to Simple Staircase Bookcases

 - Dec 24, 2012
Ascending and descending from one level to another often seems like a menial task, however, architects are now focused on intricate plans surrounding staircase designs. The creation of staircases often look to be mundane and ordinary but with the infusion of modern interior design, many architecture companies are creating everything from playful stairwells to carefully winding steps.

From Disappearing Staircases to LED Staircases, these intricate adult-like home decor features are an excellent way to spice up your house or office. For the more child-inspired room, the Musical Organ Staircases and Rainbow Street Art Installations are the top choices when it comes to a kid friendly makeover. Even though taking the elevator seems less physically daunting, these staircase designs are more meaning when it comes to burning off those extra calories.