Steps Fold into Wall

 - Nov 12, 2007
References: inventorspot
Don't want your guests going upstairs? Get a disappearing staircase! At the press of a button, Aaron Tang's "Wall Stairs," fold up and into your walls, saving you space and giving you full control of access to other floors.

"In the flat position, this staircase is flush with the wall," Inventor Spot explained. "At the simple push of a button, powerful hydraulic pistons slide the frame out and the planks that make up the actual stairs gently drop down in a graceful, upward-bound wave, creating a solid staircase from which to reach new heights."

There's nothing as annoying as guarding the stair way when you're hosting a party. After all, no one likes drunks snooping through their most personal possessions, pervs in sifting through the panty drawer, or worse, frisky couples going at it between your sheets after a few too many Jaeger Bombs.