- Oct 24, 2009   Updated: May 2 2011
From Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann's daredevil staircase to homes designed entirely of steps, staircases have the ability to inspire like no other architectural mainstay. These stairways to heaven showcase the latest staircase designs.

Staircases can be whimsical, colorful, exciting, decorativeâ€"but they're always functional. Take a look at these stairways to heaven and find some inspiration for yourself.

Implications - Stairs are a part of everyday life, and a lot of people tend to not notice them because they are always 'just there.' This cluster is able to shine some light on the forgotten stairs so you can see just how amazing and artistic they can really be. Within this cluster, you will find that changing the look of stairs can make a huge difference in homes and buildings.

Unusual Stairways That Transcend Space, Both Literally and Figuratively: