McDonald's & Coca-Cola Stair & Escalator Campaign

 - Dec 4, 2008
References: coloribus
McDonald’s has rolled out a new joint outdoors promotion with Coca-Cola to promote Coke soft drinks at McDonald’s restaurants in Sweden with a healthy lifestyle twist.

For this campaign, the always creative DDB Stockholm has come up with a witty way to promote both regular and diet Coke drinks. Regular Coke was advertised to people using stairs and Coke Light to those using the escalator.

If you wanted to go for the regular Coke, where you gain 210 to 310 calories depending if you order medium or large, you are encouraged to choose the stairs to burn those calories off. But if you wanted to take the easy route with the escalator, the promotion recommends you choose Coke Light to minimize your caloric intake.

I love the idea, it’s pretty smart and gives people a motivation to use the stairs if they prefer to drink regular Coke.