- May 7, 2012
These Coca Cola-Inspired creations demonstrate just how ubiquitous and familiar the soft drink brand is.

Its primary product, Coca Cola, is in many ways as common and available a beverage as natural drinks like fruit juice, milk or even water. Think about it. Go to any restaurant or hotel and chances are they have Coke on tap; if not, they are likely to have Coke's rival, Pepsi, as an alternative.

Beyond its actual product, Coca Cola has a logo that is deeply familiar across the world. Even if people do not read languages written using the Latin alphabet, they know the Coca Cola logo.

It is with this familiarity that initiatives sponsored by or inspired by the soft drink giant can achieve a head start in terms of winning recognition. Often it is not what one does that matters but who one is.

From Pop Art to Pop Cans, Brand Recognition is Key: