Coke Zero Slogan

 - Aug 9, 2007
References: coca-cola
Coca-Cola has been working hard to put rival Pepsi out of competition in the world's soda market. One of their newest products was Coca-Cola Zero, a revamped version of Diet Coke with sleek silver and black labeling. The company's intent was to target its male demographic who it knew wanted the sugar-free, calorie-free perks of diet sodas without the feminine stigma attached to it.

One of their latest commercials is targeted directly at male consumers. It features a shabby, distraught looking man in a grocery store, his mood obviously low. In walks his ex-girlfriend with her hunky new beau at her side. Just as his world is about to collapse around him, he takes a swig of the Zero, and suddenly his ideal life flickers before him. After his "taste of life as it should be" a sexy blonde appears at his side...

Check out the video to see what happens next...!