Pop, Soda, Cola, Whatever You Want to Call It

 - Dec 6, 2009   Updated: May 9 2011
Depending on where you live, or where you grew up, you might call it pop, soda, cola or even just plain Coke. But whatever you call it, it's always refreshing and never healthy. Here are 111 crazy soda creations that include healthier versions of your favorite refreshments, and way unhealthier versions like deep-fried soda. I mean pop. No, cola. Coke?

Implications - Of all beverages, pop has probably been through the most transformation over the years. The soft drink industry has continued to evolve to appeal to the masses. Whether it's the creation of a new flavor or its packaging, the marketing of soda is just as entertaining as watching beer commercials. What you see may shock you or make you laugh out loud; either way, soft drink companies will have your attention.