The Coco-Cola PlantBottle is Made out of Plant-Based Materials

 - Nov 17, 2009
References: thecoca-colacompany
Almost 1.6 billion servings of Coco-Cola beverages are served each year--that's a lot of plastic being made and discarded into the environment. The Coco-Cola PlantBottle, the company's most recent development towards greener packaging, will hopefully change that.

The Coco-Cola PlantBottle is a plastic bottle that the brand plans to roll out for its Coke drinks (including its Dasani water). The bottles could potentially decrease carbon emissions by up to 25% as they are made from petroleum-based materials and 30% plant-based materials (sugar cane and molasses). The Coco-Cola PlantBottle can also be processed through existing recycling facilities without contaminating petroleum-based bottles.