P Diddy Pepsi Ad Shows Power of Celeb Trend Setting

 - Mar 21, 2007
References: dietpepsi & trendhunter
Now two years old, this classic Pepsi ad is an entertaining side track from hunting new trends. It's fun because it shows the power of celebs in the world of trend setting (even though it is a bit exadurated).

Pepsi ads usually star the biggest celebrities at the time, such as Michael Jackson, Jessica Simpsons and more. In this TV-ad first aired at SuperBowl in 2005, now circulating in cyber space, Pepsi makes fun of this method, showing how P. Diddy makes a diet-Pepsi truck a cool trend by accident. After all, he is cool and everything he rides (and drinks) must be cool as well.

It's a funny ad, and there are hardly any cans or bottles visible in the ad. Check it out. I mean, who wouldn't want to drive a diet-Pepsi truck (hehemm)?

ps. I specially like the last truck!