- Dec 5, 2012
Soda brands are constantly in direct competition with one another, but that hasn't put a stop to Pepsi productions.

Pepsi goes up against Coca-Cola all the time and has proven it is a rightful opponent with its clever advertising, packaging and production. Pepsi commercials can always be seen during huge events like the upcoming Super Bowl and around Holiday seasons. Pepsi has also turned to celebrity endorsements to gain a competitive edge. Famous celebrities who have worked with the mega soda brand include pop star Britney Spears and rapper Nikki Minaj. The most recent collaboration has been with actress Sofia Vergara and soccer superstar David Beckham. Pepsi must definitely be doing okay if it can endorse such big names and get its backing.

Pepsi productions are cherished and the brand will continue to create delicious beverages and creative advertising campaigns.

From Skinny Soda Cans to Thrilling Tease Campaigns: