Sofia Vergara and David Beckham in the Diet Pepsi Beach Tweet Commercial

 - Apr 20, 2011
References: pepsi & justjared.buzznet
I don't think you can get a better commercial than the Diet Pepsi Beach Tweet ad. I mean, it stars two of the hottest people in the world right now: Sofia Vergara and David Beckham.

In the comedic Diet Pepsi Beach Tweet commercial, Sophia Vergara is lounging at the beach during what looks to be a very hot summer day. As she looks longingly at the never-ending lineup of people drinking Pepsi, she is inspired to log onto Twitter and tweet that she just spotted David Beckham at the pier. Just like that, she has a clear path to a refreshing drink.

It's interesting to see how social media has become so pervasive that it is becoming vital in commercials like the Diet Pepsi Beach Tweet commercial.