Diet Pepsi Max Wakes up NYC, the Web

 - Dec 10, 2007
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"Wake up people." Glowing brightly in centre of Times Square, Pepsi's latest product is blazing for attention. Diet Pepsi Max has ginseng and even more caffeine (46 mg) than the original cola.

Officially, Diet Pepsi Max has been around since June 1, 2007, but it hasn't become mainstream in the rest of the world yet. Incredibly, the site, has only been live for 56 days ,but it's had 1,460,997,627 “yawns.” Send a customized Yawn-o-Gram to friends, view the photo gallery of people yawning

To beat rivals in the ever-competitive soda market, Pepsi's newest beverage is not only calorie-free and stimulating, but its offers the added benefit of ginseng, a natural energy booster.

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