Coca-Cola Freestyle Vending Machine Lets You Design Flavor & Calorie-Count

 - Aug 6, 2009
References: vendingmarketwatch & psfk
Remember mixing together different flavors of soda or slurpees at 7-Eleven? The Coca-Cola Freestyle vending machine kind of builds off that approach.

The Coca-Cola Freestyle vending machine stores 140 different flavors which are designed to be mixed according to customer preference. Using a touchscreen, consumers can not only choose their flavor, but the calorie count they want (this will be a huge hit for dieters), how much caffeine you want (a dangerous option if kids have access) and color (so you don’t end up with brown "swamp water" every time).

While the Coca-Cola Freestyle is only a prototype, it has huge potential; they’re offering basically every consumer need and want a soda-drinker would want.