Eco-Friendly Patagonia Apparel

 - Nov 23, 2007
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Want to join the green movement but aren't willing to sacrifice your personal style in the process? Going for the granola lifestyle doesn't mean you can't still be fashionable. Look at stores like Patagonia that offer products like these hip and warm winter jackets made of recycled soda bottles. They also carry recycled underwear -- and no, that doesn't mean you're wearing someone else's skivvies. "They are made from 100% recycled fabric, and when they've lived a respectable life, they can be recycled again," Patagonia explains.

Patagonia also lets you bring in your old fleecies to be recycled and recreated into new ones.

Patagonia is dedicated to preserving the environment. Their most recent campaign is an initiative to save Alaskan wildlife which is an issue to speaks to my own heart. Having grown up in Canada, I was raised with a deep respect for nature. If you're looking to give gifts that give back to our earth this year, consider buying an Arctic Wildlife T-Shirt; part of the proceeds go towards the Alaska Wilderness League.