From Power-Generating Clothing to Hip Upcycled Fashion

 - Aug 28, 2013
It's important to become more self-aware of the impact one might be having on the surrounding environment, and these eco conscious clothing examples are here to offer up some great tips on how to incorporate a more sustainable technique in your everyday life.

While some people may believe that eco-friendly products and haute couture fashion may not go hand-in-hand, these eco pieces of apparel are here to showcase that style and sustainability can in fact be efficiently achieved. Every little bit counts when it comes to helping out the environment, and by incorporating more organic or sustainable features into your wardrobe, fashionistas can easily help to preserve nature on a day-to-day basis.

From plastic bottle sportswear to socially supportive tees, these eco conscious clothing designs are doing their part to help out the environment one clothing piece at a time.